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Our story

How it all started


  • Foundation of the Mauritius Housing Corporation.


  • Development of real estate projects that have become landmarks in Mauritius (Clos Verger and Vuillemin are few examples).


  • Introduction of Government Sponsored Loans (GSL) to stimulate home ownership.


  • The Plan Epargne Logement (PEL) was launched and has, over the years, remained one of our highly demanded products/services.


  • Incorporated of the MHC as a state-owned public company under the name of Mauritius Housing Company Ltd (MHC).


  • Opening of a branch in Rodrigues.


  • Extension of our marketing and service network with the opening of a branch in Flacq.


  • Two new branches, in Curepipe and Goodlands, bring us closer to our customers.
  • Introduction of Land Purchase Scheme and In-House Architectural services.
  • Deposit-taking activities - Housing Deposit Certificate (HDC).
  • Introduction of Fast Loan Scheme.
  • Laying down of Foundation Stone of Camp du Roi Complex, Rodrigues.
  • Joint Venture between BPML and MHC in the CyberVillage project at Ebène.


  • Launching of new schemes targeting existing MHC clients in response to their changing requirements.


  • New products are developed - 'Complete ou Lakaz', Mixed Construction Loan and Dream Express Scheme - to strongly differentiate the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd from competition.
  • Introduction of Dreamhome Express Loan scheme.
  • Introduction of Home Loan Extra scheme.
  • Vuillemin Housing Project.


  • Development of a new Savings product - Junior PEL Saver - aimed at parents who wish to secure a bright future for their child.


  • Implementation of a Quality Management System to improve the efficiency of our processes and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Vuillemin Phase III Housing Project.


  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
  • Social Housing Projects Dubrueil & Sottise.
  • Opening of a branch in Triolet.


  • Golden Jubilee celebration.
  • MHC is the grand winner of the Mauritius Business Excellence Award 2012, a national competition aimed at fostering a culture of excellence among Mauritian economic operators.
  • MHC proudly hosted the 29th Annual Conference of the African Union for Housing Finance (AUHF).


  • Launching of a new Housing Loan Product for middle-income earners: the MHC Housing Empowerment Loan Scheme.


  • Launching of the Centralised Banking Information System (CBIS) project.


  • Winner of the Africa’s Best Brand & Employer Awards acknowledging MHC's innovative approach.


  • Opening of a new branch in Moka.


  • Launching of a housing loan product at 1% interest rate during the first year. A first-up in the housing loan market.
  • Laying of foundation stone at Domaine Le Hochet. 
  • Winner of the Bronze Award for NPQC 2018.


  • Completion of Domaine Le Hochet - Phase I and Phase II.
  • Completion of Morcellement Roches Brunes (Sale of Bare land).
  • Team Building activity organised at Domaine De L’Etoile.
  • Opening of a branch in Rose Belle.
  • Launch of three innovative products:  MHC Flexiloan, MHC Quick Mortgage and New Home Loan 2.55%.


  • The launching of a new housing project at Clos Verger, Rose Hill “Résidence Mon Rêve”.


  • Relocation of Bambous Branch.


  • Launching of Smart PEL Savings Account.


  • Silver Award Winner of the National Productivity and Quality Excellence Award (NPQEA 2024) organized by the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC).
2024 MHC - Mauritius Housing Company Ltd