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MHC - Board of Directors

Mr Rashad Racheed DAUREEAWOO

Mr. Rashad Racheed DAUREEAWOO, Independent Chairperson of the MHC, was previously Chairperson of the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co Ltd. He is a Practising Barrister at Law and is holder of a Degree in Commerce from University of Delhi and a Master’s in Law from University of Paris.

Over the past 20 years, he has been serving the Judicial Department as Magistrate and served the Town of Beau Bassin/Rose-Hill as Councillor and Mayor. He has formerly held important positions including Member of Parliament, Deputy Chairman of Committees and Chaired the Parliamentary Committee on ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption).


Mr Anand Babbea is the Managing Director of Mauritius Housing Company Ltd since 01 May 2020. Mr Babbea has grown within the Banking, Financial and Payments Industry and is a professional reckoning more than 29 years of experience. He was also among the Pioneers of the e-Commerce Acquiring within the Banking Sector in Mauritius. Mr Babbea is equally a Member of the MIoD – Mauritius Institute of Directors.

Mr Babbea has started his career at the Ministry of Finance. He then, joined the State Bank of Mauritius Ltd, where he had a long and rich career of 21 years at the Bank. He also worked as Head of eCommerce at CIM Finance Ltd for approximately 4 years. Prior to joining the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd, Mr Babbea was the Chief Executive Officer of the GPN Data (Mauritius) Ltd for more than 3 years. He had also been the Chairman of the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Financial Services and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Mauritius.

Mr Sarwansingh PURMESSUR

Mr. Sarwansingh Purmessur has been appointed as a Board Member of the Mauritius Housing Co. Ltd. since January 2021. Currently, Mr. Purmessur holds the position of Permanent Secretary and is posted to the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance.

He has a very long career in the Civil Service, having served nearly 40 years in various Ministries/Departments, namely, the Income Tax Department, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Technology Communication and Innovation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade and the National Development Unit of the Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development. Amongst his various responsibilities, he has also served as the Supervising Officer of the Beach Authority.

Mr. Purmessur holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), India, an MSc IT in Business Information Systems from the Keele University, UK and a Diploma in Public Administration and Management from the University of Mauritius.

Mr. Purmessur has also served on various Boards and Committees, namely, the National Housing Development Company Ltd, the Town and Country Planning Board, the Informatics Park Ltd, the Information and Communication Technology Authority, the Rights Management Society, the Financial Services Fund, the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council, the National Committee on Corporate Governance, the National Environment Fund Committee, the Heritage City Co. Ltd and the SBM Holdings Ltd.

He is currently the Chairman of the Land Drainage Authority, a Director of the Financial Services Commission and a member of the Financial Reporting Council. 

Mrs Marie Veronique Doriana LETANDRIE

Mrs. Marie Doriana Veronique Letandrie started her career in the private financial services sector as a Credit Control Officer. Over the years, she has been enriching her experience in different departments of financial institutions until she was appointed as Credit Analyst and Leasing Officer in a reputable private firm.

She is a partly qualified ACCA.

She was appointed as Independent Director from year 2019 to 2020 of the SIC Development Co Ltd and is currently an Independent Director of SIC Management Services Co Ltd and is the Chairperson of its Audit Committee. She is also an Independent Director of Grand Bay Casino Ltd.

Mrs. V. Letandrie has been appointed as an independent Director of the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd since October 2020 and is the Chairperson of its Conduct Review Committee.

Mr Mohummad Shamad AYOOB SAAB

Mr Mohummad Shamad AYOOB SAAB, Non-Executive Director, holds a Diploma in Public Administration with specialisation in Public Management and a Master in Business Administration.

He joined the Public Service in 1984. He has since served in various ministries and climbed up the ladder to the post of Permanent Secretary. He is presently Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning since 23 December 2020.

Mr. AYOOB SAAB has served on several boards, namely; NSF, NPF, NHDC, NPFL, FSC and NCCG. He is presently the Chairman of Morcellement Board and Town and Country Planning Board and is Director on the Board of the SIC, the NSLD and the MHC.

Mr Khulwant Kumar UBHEERAM

Mr Khulwant Kumar Ubheeram is holder of a distinction-graded MBA, UK. He has also studied Actuarial Science at the University of Kent, UK and Management at the London School of Economics, UK.

Mr. Ubheeram has worked as an Actuarial Consultant for some market leading financial institutions in the UK,  like Aviva and Capita. He has also worked as a Statistical Analyst at the Ministry of Defence, UK.

In Mauritius, Mr Ubheeram is on the board of directors of several companies, providing expert advice on investment and risk management.

Mr. Ubheeram is an Independent Director of the Mauritius Housing Company Ltd and also the Chairperson of its Audit Committee. He also holds position as the CEO of the People’s Turf PLC.

Mrs Subashini Rama


Mrs. Rama currently holds the position of Director, Digital Economy, and Capacity Building at the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. In this capacity and as Lead Analyst, she has contributed for over 15 years to strategies and reforms in the sectors of education, labour market, ICT, Research and Innovation, and trade and business facilitation. 

In previous roles, she has been responsible for managing the portfolio of the National Pension Fund and the National Savings Fund and for undertaking management audits in various public sector organisations. In the trade and business facilitation space, she has worked on a number of projects with development partners on licensing reforms, e-judiciary and the setting up of the National E-Licensing platform. 

She has also been part of the Strategy team and Steering Committee member for several IT projects on the digitisation of public services including the Mauritius National ID project and its data sharing platform and has been active in the design and implementation of national innovation schemes.

Ms Maheswaree Naraini Madhub


Ms Maheswaree Madhub is currently the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity.  She holds a BSc Major in Biochemistry and Botany from the Australian National University, a Diploma in Public Administration and Management from the University of Mauritius and a Certificate on “La Bonne Governance et Réforme de l’Etat from Institut Administration Publique/l’Ecole Nationale d’Administration.

She started her career in the Public Service in 1988 as Assistant Secretary.  She has wide experience in the Public Service, having served in the following Ministries namely: Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Office of the President, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Prime Minister’s Office (External Communications Division) and Cabinet Office, Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives and Ministry of Housing and Land Use Planning.  She has served as Supervising Officer to the Ministry of Health and Wellness and Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security.  She has also served as Secretary to the Electoral Supervisory Commission and Electoral Boundaries Commission and has served as Chairperson/Director in a number of Statutory Bodies and Government owned Organisations.

Mr Mahomed Reshad Monaff


Mr Mahomed Reshad Monaff holds a Degree in Social Work at the University of Mauritius.

He joined the SILWF (Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund) in 1992 and served the fund for 28 years as Community Development Officer.

He also served several boards namely Medical Council, Environment & Land Use Appeal Tribunal, Business Freeport Services Ltd (Landscope). He is presently appointed as an independent director at the MHC.

Company Secretary

Prime Partners Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The State Investment Corporation Limited, was appointed as the Company Secretary of Mauritius Housing Company Ltd on 01 July 2019. It is actively involved in the provision of statutory corporate secretarial services, registrar & transfer office services to domestic companies/trusts/mutual funds registered in Mauritius.

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